Auditoire de Calvin (37 images)
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Before the change - 1 Before the change - 2 Before the change - 3 Open light Men at work 1 Blank plastic Blank plastic 2 Men at work 2 Let the light shine in East windows 1 (late afternoon) Deep blue Baptism window 1 North east window Cehtral east window South east window Mid afternoon - west window Plaque French Plaque Latin Plaques New light interior - 5.45 p.m. New light - west window 3 Rosy glow - rear alcove Late afternoon - west window Rosy glow - back of church Light contrasts - second alcove Leaving dedication service - 7.10 p.m. Deep blue 2 Baptism window 2 Watery shades Evening light - west window Sky blue North east window Sunday morning Rosy glow on organ Sunday morning Rosy glow on organ Sunday morning South east window Sunday morning East window Sunday morning Raised texts