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2005 04 soc english

When it rains, people go out with their buckets to collect the molluscs. You leave them a few days in a box covered with a wire mesh. You pour in some flour to feed the snails and to purify them of what they have eaten beforehand and then you put them in a pot!

Unfortunately […]

2005 04 cul english

“A crowd in motion has some striking similarities with fluid mechanics at least when the result is considered from the point of view of its homogeneous properties. Density, speed, vectors, mixing, as long as you observe it from a distance and with eyes squinted to render the details a bit fuzzy, then the example […]

2005 04 act english

Over there is the garment that the Pope wore for the opening of the jubilee -Christmas of 1999 – and which is a futuristic article, in some ways, with a material woven from Lurex which is a very contemporary fibre and which is beginning to prove itself, and will be the fibre of the […]

2005 03 soc english

Those are the candid words of Anne Perraut Solivieres a night nurse. Witness to a gap between the idealized image of the work of a nurse and the reality in the modern hospital of today, she sought to do some research in order to better understand her situation. Disappointed by the quality of the […]

2005 03 cul english

The spring sunshine has at last arrived in France and it is gardeners who take great pleasure in it. For those who have the good fortune to have one, the planning of a garden is the occasion to express one’s personality. Among the French gardeners who we met at the Rare Plants Exhibition at […]

2005 03 act english

This turn of events-a few weeks ago a ‘yes’ was considered a sure thing-was the result of a series of large demonstrations against the government. The unions who called for a national strike did not have a precise set of demands and among the demonstrators a mixture of motives could be heard.


2005 02 soc english

The debate rages in France after a 28 year old teacher was fined 4000 euros and given a suspended prison sentence of two months for sharing his record collection, video games and films with the world’s web users thanks to the software “Peer to Peer”.

Some artists have welcomed the decision by […]

2005 02 cul english

The film tells the story of a choir master who changes the life of his special-needs children thanks to song – if you have not seen the film yet, do so, it’s a moving film.

It is the fictional story whose worldwide success has created a second story, a true one at […]

2005 02 act english

The appearance of a new film about the last part of his life has prompted the media to question the achievements of his fourteen years as President, between 1981 and 1995. For some, his mastery of politics enabled him to modernize the country and to construct Europe. For others he was a destroyer of […]

2005 01 soc english

We are in the famous truffle market of Richerenches. The people are behaving rather like we are talking of a secret market for arms or drugs. It is especially a market for professionals; the negotiations between buyers and sellers take place before car boots (trunks) hidden from discrete glances and if you try to […]