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2005 01 soc english

We are in the famous truffle market of Richerenches. The people are behaving rather like we are talking of a secret market for arms or drugs. It is especially a market for professionals; the negotiations between buyers and sellers take place before car boots (trunks) hidden from discrete glances and if you try to […]

2005 01 cul english

Le Peuple de L’Herbe is very successful. One of the leading French electric music groups which have just released Cube – its third disc – is praised by the critics. According to the magazine Liberation they have given a lesson in skilful performing. DJ Stani, one of the founders of the group is very […]

2005 01 act english

We’re at the People’s University – an educational trend which is free and which is taking off in France at present. Philippe Corcuff explains the motivation behind the project:

-Learning, that’s what Michel Foucault talks about in his latest texts – knowledge, learning. It’s one of the aspects of self improvement, to […]

2004 01 soc english

A telephone which knows how to call someone even if you do not know his number? That must be the latest thing in high technology, right? No, it is the humble French Minitel which has just celebrated its 21st birthday.

The story of the Minitel is an adventure which is as rich […]

2004 01 cul english

The major used to be in industry The captain used to be in insurance And the lieutenant used to be in groceries The sergeant-major used to be a porter in the Bank of France The sergeant used to be a master baker The corporal used to be in ignorance The second lieutenant used to […]

2002 01 soc english

Nineteenth century France saw the birth of gastronomic discourse. That is to say, that eating as a science and as an act of refinement became more and more important. That, I think, is a French trait which is from elsewhere… France still lives under this legacy, which is one of very elaborate cuisine, always […]

2002 01 cul english

“That love” is the name of the film by Josee Dayan which has just been released on French screens.

The film is an adaptation of an autobiography of Yann Andrea [2], who shared the life of Marguerite Duras, a woman of letters, for more than 16 years until she died.


2002 01 act english

Tired, Yves Saint Laurent, disappointed, the fashion designer, ruined, the great couturier. The fact remains he is leaving. January 7th will remain as a historic date in the fashion world. At 65 years of age, Saint Laurent the man announces, during a press conference, the end of Saint Laurent, the famous house of fashion, located […]

2001 01 act english

It is the socialist government of Lionel Jospin which has brought in this law. It has to be said that it did not really meet a lot of opposition, everyone being anxious not to displease the ladies who represent, after all, a good half of the electorate.

So, Regin Lesort, candidate of […]

2005 01 soc french

Nous sommes au fameux marché aux truffes de Richerenches. Les gens se dissimulent tellement qu’on dirait un marché clandestin, d’armes ou de drogues. C’est surtout un marché pour les professionnels; les négociations entre acheteurs et vendeurs se déroulent devant les coffres des voitures à l’abri des regards indiscrets et si l’on cherche à comprendre […]