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2005 03 soc english

Those are the candid words of Anne Perraut Solivieres a night nurse. Witness to a gap between the idealized image of the work of a nurse and the reality in the modern hospital of today, she sought to do some research in order to better understand her situation. Disappointed by the quality of the […]

2005 03 cul english

The spring sunshine has at last arrived in France and it is gardeners who take great pleasure in it. For those who have the good fortune to have one, the planning of a garden is the occasion to express one’s personality. Among the French gardeners who we met at the Rare Plants Exhibition at […]

2005 03 act english

This turn of events-a few weeks ago a ‘yes’ was considered a sure thing-was the result of a series of large demonstrations against the government. The unions who called for a national strike did not have a precise set of demands and among the demonstrators a mixture of motives could be heard.


2004 03 cul english

That is the sumptuous prose of the famous English author A.S. Byatt, read by the critic Raphaelle Rerolle in an extract from the novel “Babel Tower”.

Almost. Because it is of course a translation of Byatt, made by her translator Jean-Louis Chevalier. Up to what point is it possible to keep the […]

2004 03 act english

The farmers must restore the rural economy to be linked in a special way with nature. The farmers, for many centuries were closely tied to nature, and then because of chemistry, these last 40 or 50 years, has made us move away from land management, with GMOs it’s a step too far.


2003 03 soc english

Well, as Nicolas Le Bec reminds us, the job of being a top chef is not for lazy-bones. Everyone has seen perhaps the opposite of a medal for service with the tragic suicide of the great chef Bernard Loiseau, apparently fatally wounded by the loss of two points in the assessment in the Gault […]

2003 03 cul english

We are in a dark room; the air is blue with smoke. A crowd of five hundred people – people of all ages, but on the whole rather young – have just shared a new phenomenon in show business: ‘Slam’.

Slam is poetry recited by amateurs for amateurs. During this evening some […]

2002 03 cul english

The President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac, has decided to let Alexandre Dumas into the Pantheon, in the ancient church of Saint Genevieve in Paris, converted into a pantheon for great men by the National Assembly, during the Revolution, to put there the ashes of Mirabeau. The ashes of Alexandre Dumas, author of The […]

2002 03 act english

They are newspapers containing news: they are not the weekly papers full of classified adverts which we have known for a long time. Here we find the main headlines of the day, a bit of foreign news, a bit of sport and show biz… at first sight they look like newspapers you would pay […]

2001 03 soc english

Some associations view the day tentatively. The “Advertising Breakers” don’t have substantial means, no, they don’t have money, they, but… they have ideas and ideas which are beginning to circulate.

Michael Stettner, the founder:

We are united, we are not so numerous, we are three or four and we have […]