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2005 04 soc english

When it rains, people go out with their buckets to collect the molluscs. You leave them a few days in a box covered with a wire mesh. You pour in some flour to feed the snails and to purify them of what they have eaten beforehand and then you put them in a pot!

Unfortunately […]

2005 04 cul english

“A crowd in motion has some striking similarities with fluid mechanics at least when the result is considered from the point of view of its homogeneous properties. Density, speed, vectors, mixing, as long as you observe it from a distance and with eyes squinted to render the details a bit fuzzy, then the example […]

2005 04 act english

Over there is the garment that the Pope wore for the opening of the jubilee -Christmas of 1999 – and which is a futuristic article, in some ways, with a material woven from Lurex which is a very contemporary fibre and which is beginning to prove itself, and will be the fibre of the […]

2004 04 soc english

Good advice on cheese? We could not have a better source – we are discussing this with Etienne Boissy who has just been honoured one of the six best tradesmen in France (cheese waiter) for the year 2004. It is a very prestigious title for the manager of the restaurant at the Institute Paul […]

2004 04 cul english

When they need to find nice shoes, rich women don’t have to think about where to go – they hurry towards Massaro.

Why such a passion for this mythical store? All you need to do is visit the retro exhibit which is devoted to it at the international shoes museum in Romans […]

2003 04 soc english

I am very interested in the conference taking place this afternoon which is called art, culture and handicap, because we don’t speak of it very often and after all I think that today there are many ways of achieving, not necessarily through work but also through all that is cultural, arts, plastics?


2002 04 act english

My reaction is that I’m in paradise.

The militants of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen’s party, are celebrating an electoral result which has sent shock waves throughout the country. Le Pen has gained approximately 17% of the vote. The Prime Minister Lionel Jospin won’t take part in the second round of […]

2001 04 soc english

Seven without-papers have been on hunger strike in Lyon since 26 February. There are seven of them, two women and five men, illegal immigrants in France not having a valid visitor’s visa. There are three Algerians, two Moroccans, a Tunisian and a Chilean woman. All of these people have one thing in common; they […]

2001 04 cul english

We remember Daniel Cohn Bendit who became famous in May ’68 as head of a left wing student movement at the Sorbonne in Paris. We called him then, Danny the Red. It is really he who has reappeared on the political scene, as a representative of the green party, the ecologists, to offer his […]

2001 04 act english

World renowned musician Tabachnik is on trial for association with criminals in the context of a trial of the organizers of a sect, the Order of the Solar Temple (OST).

He is accused of having helped to create a climate of indoctrination which led to the deaths of at least 73 followers. […]