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2004 06 soc english

And in La Croix Rousse in Lyon, the atmosphere is even warmer thanks to Gerald Rigaud, the town crier.

I am not a bohemian, to write to you this poem But it remains to me to tell you that I love you.

For two months now at 11 o’clock exactly […]

2004 06 cul english

That is the rational side of the criticism in any case. But the form the hatred is going to take is going to show another aspect of the Revolution. An extract from the pamphlet “Royal Household” gives the tone:

Marie-Antoinette: Do not complain to me Abbott. I had to give you a […]

2004 06 act english

It doesn’t matter to me at all. They can marry, or not marry. I feel it’s a bit foolish because we know that in the end there are many marriages which finish in divorce, so it’s going to a lot of trouble for nothing.

The rights of homosexuals are in the forefront […]

2003 06 soc english

Being interested in French across France is something in effect quite difficult, because France is a very varied place in many regards, the countryside is varied, the cuisine is varied, the churches, the cathedrals, the vines, all of that is varied and the French language also is different in the regions of France. All […]

2003 06 act english

Philippe Riambaud, managing director of the team “Brioches la Boulangere” one of the 22 teams which take part in the month of July in the Tour de France 2003.

Listen, without revealing our plans, because all that is secret of course. A part of a strategy is obviously not to shout it […]

2002 06 soc english

Nature is beautiful, surprising, and generous. By improving by changing simple materials, by discovering new uses, we all compete for the general good of our society, not only for the treasury of the country by also for the progress of knowledge which does not know about borders. Those who work to perfect the sciences […]

2002 06 cul english

It is the first time in his career that he has been present at Cannes. Before the screening, the director had received the Palme of Palmes for the entire work.

The relationship between Woody Allen and France is very close: He often speaks of his love for the country. In the film […]

2002 06 act english

What is the truth? We talked to a group of young people in the district of Lyon called La Duchere, an area with a reputation. Here is what they told us:

It is the media which talks the things up, which have you see things in another way. They tackle the subject […]

2001 06 soc english

Ferdinand Cheval (1836-1924) was really a postman but the palace which he built in his garden was a fantasy palace, a truly dreamlike palace.

It is a building 12 metres long and 26 metres wide and 14 metre high which represents all the main works of humanity according to Ferdinand Cheval. They […]

2001 06 cul english

What we want is to convince each visitor, and beyond the visitors, everyone, that the peace of the world is in his hands and the responsibilities of these conflicts, it is certainly a collective responsibility, but that the collective responsibility is the addition of the individual behaviours.

Located in the heart of […]