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2004 07 soc english

Now there they are, they are going into the water, look the leaders, already in the water, already in the water. Ah, I can tell you that they went off at full speed. Oh they are going quickly, Michel, they are going quickly!

The island of Noirmoutier in the west of France […]

2004 07 cul english

On the banks of the Saone, right in the heart of Lyon, the bakery called Bob Richard is a business well known throughout the neighbourhood. A reputation which does not come from yesterday. This year the business is celebrating its 200th birthday. But it has a reputation which would be lost quickly if the […]

2004 07 act english

It is the tradition that the Marianne drawn on the postage stamp changes with each new presidency. It is usually the president of the Republic who commissions the representation, but they have just opted for a new more democratic formula. The general public has been invited to choose, everyone had the right to vote […]

2003 07 cul english

In addition to a luxurious presentation and the convenience of having the works grouped together, the interest of the “Pleiades” edition lies with the detailed annotations which accompany each text and which shed light on the reading, making it a fascinating way to extend one’s knowledge.

The publishers have entrusted the responsibility […]

2003 07 act english

I think that wind turbines for those areas which are a bit wild and windswept, that it is something that will be done in the future and we have made a lot of progress: since the first machines twenty years ago which made a few tens of kilowatts, we now have machines which make […]

2002 07 soc english

So, in fact these frigates like the Hermione are not very big boats. The Hermione measures about 50m long in the hull, 65m overall, that is to say with the rigging, 11.5m in the beam, and … it’s not very big. On this ship there were 300 people living, 300 men because it was […]

2002 07 cul english

Pierre Loti, born Julien Marie Viaud, is a great figure in French literature. Member of the French Academy at the age of 41, navy officer, born into a bourgeois family from the city of Rochefort… viewed from a certain angle, it was the model of respectability at the end of the 19th century.


2002 07 act english

The position of Frederic Charrier, the head of the Union of Sea Fishermen is clear: all is more or less fine in the fishing industry: it must not be touched.

However, interfering in the business of fishermen is exactly what the European Commission is getting ready to do. The Commissioner for Agriculture, […]

2001 07 soc english

Here, in the Bay of Aiguillon, is the biggest centre in France for the production of mussels.

And if you want to know more about it, take yourself on a visit to the village of Esnandes. There you will find the Home of Mytiliculture and – if you are lucky – the […]

2001 07 act english

To venture off into one of its towers is also something extraordinary because when you’re up high, you see the ground below, which is flat, and you can see very, very far across the ocean. So that’s something not to be missed. And then, just to wander about the streets which are lined with […]