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2004 11 cul english

Napoleon was given the title of Emperor to consolidate his position in France and abroad and to guarantee to his succession the right to power. The ceremony was immortalised by the artist David in the magnificent painting which is today the centre of a moving exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.

The […]

2003 11 cul english

The great artist Paul Gauguin [1] is honoured this winter, thanks to a new exhibition in the National Gallery of the Grand Palais in Paris telling us about his two stays in Oceania between 1891 and 1903.

They are known the world over, the paintings of this former stockbroker turned Sunday painter […]

2003 11 act english

Gregoire Ayala casts an admiring eye on his discovery. Four Roman vessels from the first or second century AD are there in the sand, resting at the bottom of the large construction works for a future underground car park. Made from oak and pine from the time of Marcus Aurelius in such a fresh […]

2002 11 cul english

Ah, the pleasure of cultivating the French language which I have adored since my infancy.

To try my luck, to see if I cold win.

There are more than 500,000 adults and school children who try their luck each year. The challenge is to be recognized as the male or […]

2002 11 act english

For small amounts I think in euros and for larger amounts in French francs. In fact all that passes 10,000 francs is the margin.

I must admit that I think first of all in French francs. I make the translation.

We work together on transport then it is true we […]

2001 11 soc english

Yes, but there you are, the Assembly of deputies [1] has just voted for a law which from now on will oblige the organisers of gatherings for techno music to ask for legal authorisation.

Rave parties, as they are called, were at first tolerated by the socialist government [2], favourable to fee […]

2001 11 act english

The difficult political context has made the debates about the running of the Organisation Mondiale du Commerce livelier than ever. The threat of terrorism has encouraged everyone to reflect on the underlying causes of conflicts, and more especially on the sense of injustice felt by the developing countries towards the western world.


2004 11 cul french

Napoléon s’est donné le titre d’empereur pour consolider sa position en France et à l’étranger et pour garantir à sa dynastie la succession du pouvoir. La cérémonie a été immortalisée par l’artiste David dans un magnifique tableau qui est actuellement le centre d’une exposition passionnante au Louvre à Paris.

Le “Sacre de […]

2003 11 cul french

Le grand artiste Paul Gauguin est à l’honneur cet hiver, grâce à une nouvelle exposition aux Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais à Paris, qui raconte ses deux séjours en Océanie, entre 1891 et 1903.

Ils sont connus dans le monde entier, les tableaux de cet ancien stockbrockeur, devenu peintre du dimanche avant […]

2003 11 act french

Grégoire Ayala jette un regard admiratif sur sa découverte. Quatre navires romains datant du Ier ou du IIème siècle après Jésus Christ sont là dans le sable, reposant au fond du grand chantier d’un futur parking souterrain. Du chêne et du sapin de l’époque de Marc Aurèle, dans un état tellement frais qu’il ferait […]