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2004 12 soc english

Ah well, for the young executives among you there is a good solution: buy yourself a business. Almost everywhere in France, there are companies for which the managers are looking for buyers. And you mustn’t think that the fact that a business is for sale is necessarily a sign of poor economic health.


2004 12 cul english

… and then the time comes, dare you take the time to taste it? The tasting of a good wine takes a little time. So how do you do it during a family meal which is under the critical gaze of people ready to ridicule your efforts?

The good news is that […]

2003 12 soc english

Before the start of the race he is 13 to 1. The race starts, he is 5 to 1. There are some things which… no… but it is the truth, you must say what is, no? There are some who bet at the last moment and that’s all. I don’t know. There are people […]

2002 12 soc english

That was the best. That was very good quality.

The last factory closed five years ago, but the tradition and the skills are still there thanks to the very nice Museum-Workshop of the Hat.

The curator, Elianne Bolomier explains to us that it’s about much more than a simple museum. […]

2001 12 soc english

“Les Grandes Halles” de Lyon are meeting places for the people of Lyon. Here we find all that we want and the shopkeepers give advice to their customers.

For starters, there are seasonal products, like oysters:

The best season is from 1st September to 30th April, the months with an […]

2001 12 cul english

I am sorry because he was a good singer.

Gilbert Becaud has just died of cancer. In the street, the people who have just heard this do not hide their feelings.

Oh well, listen, that surprises me, that grieves me all right! But what age was he?

He was 74. […]

2001 12 act english

What is changing for France? Up to what point does money make up part of the national identity? Nicholas Resseguier is the deputy director of the Banque de France:

I think that it is an important element of identity, that’s for sure – of sovereignty, and it is a reason that I […]

2004 12 soc french

Eh bien, pour les jeunes cadres parmi vous il y a une bonne solution : achetez-vous une entreprise ! Presque partout en France, il y a des sociétés dont les gérants cherchent des repreneurs. Et il ne faut pas croire que le fait qu’une entreprise soit à vendre soit forcément un signe de mauvaise […]

2004 12 cul french

…et puis le moment venu, oserez-vous prendre le temps de le goûter? La dégustation d’un bon vin prend un certain temps. Alors comment le faire au cours d’un repas de famille qui plus est sous le regard ironique de gens tout prêts à railler vos efforts?

La bonne nouvelle c’est que la […]

2003 12 soc french

Avant le départ de la course il est à 13 contre 1. La course part, il est à 5 contre 1. Il y a des choses qui, non, mais c’est la vérité, il faut dire ce qui est*, c’est pas? il y en a qui mettent au dernier moment et c’est tout quoi? Je […]