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2001 12 soc english

“Les Grandes Halles” de Lyon are meeting places for the people of Lyon. Here we find all that we want and the shopkeepers give advice to their customers.

For starters, there are seasonal products, like oysters:

The best season is from 1st September to 30th April, the months with an […]

2001 12 cul english

I am sorry because he was a good singer.

Gilbert Becaud has just died of cancer. In the street, the people who have just heard this do not hide their feelings.

Oh well, listen, that surprises me, that grieves me all right! But what age was he?

He was 74. […]

2001 12 act english

What is changing for France? Up to what point does money make up part of the national identity? Nicholas Resseguier is the deputy director of the Banque de France:

I think that it is an important element of identity, that’s for sure – of sovereignty, and it is a reason that I […]

2001 11 soc english

Yes, but there you are, the Assembly of deputies [1] has just voted for a law which from now on will oblige the organisers of gatherings for techno music to ask for legal authorisation.

Rave parties, as they are called, were at first tolerated by the socialist government [2], favourable to fee […]

2001 11 act english

The difficult political context has made the debates about the running of the Organisation Mondiale du Commerce livelier than ever. The threat of terrorism has encouraged everyone to reflect on the underlying causes of conflicts, and more especially on the sense of injustice felt by the developing countries towards the western world.


2001 09 soc english

Who is thirsty?

The grape harvest is here. Years ago, the grape harvests provided work for hundreds of thousands of people coming from all over Europe to participate in collecting the grapes. But the era of mechanisation has arrived and today there remain only two regions in France where the harvest is […]

2001 08 act english

Yes, we must have silence because the stakes are high. It is man against computer today in these games of checkers.

It is a question of dames [1] but we are not talking about the female sex of course. It is about the game of checkers. This game of strategy and of […]

2001 07 soc english

Here, in the Bay of Aiguillon, is the biggest centre in France for the production of mussels.

And if you want to know more about it, take yourself on a visit to the village of Esnandes. There you will find the Home of Mytiliculture and – if you are lucky – the […]

2001 07 act english

To venture off into one of its towers is also something extraordinary because when you’re up high, you see the ground below, which is flat, and you can see very, very far across the ocean. So that’s something not to be missed. And then, just to wander about the streets which are lined with […]

2001 06 soc english

Ferdinand Cheval (1836-1924) was really a postman but the palace which he built in his garden was a fantasy palace, a truly dreamlike palace.

It is a building 12 metres long and 26 metres wide and 14 metre high which represents all the main works of humanity according to Ferdinand Cheval. They […]