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2002 12 soc english

That was the best. That was very good quality.

The last factory closed five years ago, but the tradition and the skills are still there thanks to the very nice Museum-Workshop of the Hat.

The curator, Elianne Bolomier explains to us that it’s about much more than a simple museum. […]

2002 11 cul english

Ah, the pleasure of cultivating the French language which I have adored since my infancy.

To try my luck, to see if I cold win.

There are more than 500,000 adults and school children who try their luck each year. The challenge is to be recognized as the male or […]

2002 11 act english

For small amounts I think in euros and for larger amounts in French francs. In fact all that passes 10,000 francs is the margin.

I must admit that I think first of all in French francs. I make the translation.

We work together on transport then it is true we […]

2002 10 soc english

The film director Pierre Carles talks about his last film ‘Enfin Pris!’. Clever and provocative, this film asks profound questions about television today. Why do we always have this feeling of complicity between television journalists and the ideas received? Does their self appointed objectivity for the facts not serve to hide the true mechanisms […]

2002 09 cul english

When they started selling bicycles at the end of the 19th century, it was a deluxe product intended for the upper echelons of Parisian society.

But there was just a little problem: the product itself. The first bicycles were heavy, very uncomfortable and not very compatible with clothing fashions of the time. […]

2002 08 soc english

Here, there are no farmers, there are no workers, there are no managers, there are no company directors, we are all the same you see. All use “tu”, we are all friends, one place that’s all… that is a good thing!

Well, because it offers beauty, that’s all. Beauty and emotion, and […]

2002 08 cul english

Stephane Goudet praises the film-maker/actor Jacques Tati who is returning to the cinemas now. His film Playtime has just been remade to come out in the cinemas in the 70mm de luxe format.

For many critics, Playtime, which dates from 1967, is Tati’s masterpiece.

The story begins by following a […]

2002 07 soc english

So, in fact these frigates like the Hermione are not very big boats. The Hermione measures about 50m long in the hull, 65m overall, that is to say with the rigging, 11.5m in the beam, and … it’s not very big. On this ship there were 300 people living, 300 men because it was […]

2002 07 cul english

Pierre Loti, born Julien Marie Viaud, is a great figure in French literature. Member of the French Academy at the age of 41, navy officer, born into a bourgeois family from the city of Rochefort… viewed from a certain angle, it was the model of respectability at the end of the 19th century.


2002 07 act english

The position of Frederic Charrier, the head of the Union of Sea Fishermen is clear: all is more or less fine in the fishing industry: it must not be touched.

However, interfering in the business of fishermen is exactly what the European Commission is getting ready to do. The Commissioner for Agriculture, […]