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2003 12 soc english

Before the start of the race he is 13 to 1. The race starts, he is 5 to 1. There are some things which… no… but it is the truth, you must say what is, no? There are some who bet at the last moment and that’s all. I don’t know. There are people […]

2003 11 cul english

The great artist Paul Gauguin [1] is honoured this winter, thanks to a new exhibition in the National Gallery of the Grand Palais in Paris telling us about his two stays in Oceania between 1891 and 1903.

They are known the world over, the paintings of this former stockbroker turned Sunday painter […]

2003 11 act english

Gregoire Ayala casts an admiring eye on his discovery. Four Roman vessels from the first or second century AD are there in the sand, resting at the bottom of the large construction works for a future underground car park. Made from oak and pine from the time of Marcus Aurelius in such a fresh […]

2003 10 cul english

Everything, everything is done by hand; that is, the small clay basins are first prepared and shaped in the springtime with a shovel, manually done in the clay, in the earth. Once the earth is dry, we’re able to walk on it, to make small walls and to walk around the basins. And in […]

2003 10 act english

At the start of each autumn, if you come at dawn to Aiguillon Point, opposite La Rochelle. You will find a handful of men and women equipped with binoculars and telescopes observing meticulously and with wonder, the passing of the migrating birds.

They are there because it is a privileged place as […]

2003 08 soc english

We are in the garden of scents with the honour of talking with Andre Chauviere, a historian and even an archaeologist of perfume. A nose in the high society of perfume in Geneva, M Chauviere has developed a passion for researching and remaking the scents of other times.

During my work I […]

2003 07 cul english

In addition to a luxurious presentation and the convenience of having the works grouped together, the interest of the “Pleiades” edition lies with the detailed annotations which accompany each text and which shed light on the reading, making it a fascinating way to extend one’s knowledge.

The publishers have entrusted the responsibility […]

2003 07 act english

I think that wind turbines for those areas which are a bit wild and windswept, that it is something that will be done in the future and we have made a lot of progress: since the first machines twenty years ago which made a few tens of kilowatts, we now have machines which make […]

2003 06 soc english

Being interested in French across France is something in effect quite difficult, because France is a very varied place in many regards, the countryside is varied, the cuisine is varied, the churches, the cathedrals, the vines, all of that is varied and the French language also is different in the regions of France. All […]

2003 06 act english

Philippe Riambaud, managing director of the team “Brioches la Boulangere” one of the 22 teams which take part in the month of July in the Tour de France 2003.

Listen, without revealing our plans, because all that is secret of course. A part of a strategy is obviously not to shout it […]