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2004 12 soc english

Ah well, for the young executives among you there is a good solution: buy yourself a business. Almost everywhere in France, there are companies for which the managers are looking for buyers. And you mustn’t think that the fact that a business is for sale is necessarily a sign of poor economic health.


2004 12 cul english

… and then the time comes, dare you take the time to taste it? The tasting of a good wine takes a little time. So how do you do it during a family meal which is under the critical gaze of people ready to ridicule your efforts?

The good news is that […]

2004 11 cul english

Napoleon was given the title of Emperor to consolidate his position in France and abroad and to guarantee to his succession the right to power. The ceremony was immortalised by the artist David in the magnificent painting which is today the centre of a moving exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.

The […]

2004 10 act english

The idea would be to tax stock exchange transactions for example and that would generate cash to help the developing countries.

Some have accused the President of courting popularity in view of the slim chance that there would be such a measure adopted in the countries of the west. Others question help […]

2004 10 cul english

For the portrayal of feminine adolescence, there is not an artist in the world more admired than Claire Bretecher. Her drawings tell of pride and uncertainty, anger and incompetence with an accuracy which disturbs more than simply pleases: you feel that you are in the company of a friend when you read an album […]

2004 09 soc english

And no one wants that more than the members of the Renault team. They believe in victory… manly because they must believe in it. The driver Frank Montagny:

It is a barrier which can be crossed without any problem but you have to do some work, right, we cannot cross it right […]

2004 09 cul english

Fuchsia, anise, a lot of each colour, we are going back to buying traditional things like black and white, a lot of invisible shades which are based on skin, and at the same time lingerie which is visible which shows more and more.

We are distributing to the mass market a range […]

2004 09 act english

Is it democracy when we have a constitution which allows one party to win all the time? The question deserves to be raised, especially when we note that in our history, France has never seen anything other than the right in power in the Senate, the upper house in the Constitution.

We […]

2004 08 soc english

In our time, we are considered as sort of foot-soldiers historians, in contrast to the big names or well known historians who talk about Napoleon and all his marshals. In the end, we are making fun of Napoleon; we are making fun of his marshals, even though he is our boss – but we […]

2004 08 cul english

Rene Moniot-Beaumont shares with us his love of the works of Roger Vercel. And if you are smitten with the literature of the sea or if you are seeking to be you must hurry to Saint-Giles-Croix-de Vie to spend the afternoon in the company of M. Moniot-Beaumont. This old sea dog has a contagious […]