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2005 04 act english

Over there is the garment that the Pope wore for the opening of the jubilee -Christmas of 1999 – and which is a futuristic article, in some ways, with a material woven from Lurex which is a very contemporary fibre and which is beginning to prove itself, and will be the fibre of the […]

2005 03 act english

This turn of events-a few weeks ago a ‘yes’ was considered a sure thing-was the result of a series of large demonstrations against the government. The unions who called for a national strike did not have a precise set of demands and among the demonstrators a mixture of motives could be heard.


2005 02 act english

The appearance of a new film about the last part of his life has prompted the media to question the achievements of his fourteen years as President, between 1981 and 1995. For some, his mastery of politics enabled him to modernize the country and to construct Europe. For others he was a destroyer of […]

2005 01 act english

We’re at the People’s University – an educational trend which is free and which is taking off in France at present. Philippe Corcuff explains the motivation behind the project:

-Learning, that’s what Michel Foucault talks about in his latest texts – knowledge, learning. It’s one of the aspects of self improvement, to […]

2004 10 act english

The idea would be to tax stock exchange transactions for example and that would generate cash to help the developing countries.

Some have accused the President of courting popularity in view of the slim chance that there would be such a measure adopted in the countries of the west. Others question help […]

2004 09 act english

Is it democracy when we have a constitution which allows one party to win all the time? The question deserves to be raised, especially when we note that in our history, France has never seen anything other than the right in power in the Senate, the upper house in the Constitution.

We […]

2004 07 act english

It is the tradition that the Marianne drawn on the postage stamp changes with each new presidency. It is usually the president of the Republic who commissions the representation, but they have just opted for a new more democratic formula. The general public has been invited to choose, everyone had the right to vote […]

2004 06 act english

It doesn’t matter to me at all. They can marry, or not marry. I feel it’s a bit foolish because we know that in the end there are many marriages which finish in divorce, so it’s going to a lot of trouble for nothing.

The rights of homosexuals are in the forefront […]

2004 05 act english

Geographically Europe, I was going to say, is finally itself, it is reunified. This enlargement, these are not simply ten extra states, it is eight states which were behind what we used to call the iron curtain. For half a century now, people have tried to find a way so that Europe is not […]

2004 03 act english

The farmers must restore the rural economy to be linked in a special way with nature. The farmers, for many centuries were closely tied to nature, and then because of chemistry, these last 40 or 50 years, has made us move away from land management, with GMOs it’s a step too far.