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2005 04 soc english

When it rains, people go out with their buckets to collect the molluscs. You leave them a few days in a box covered with a wire mesh. You pour in some flour to feed the snails and to purify them of what they have eaten beforehand and then you put them in a pot!

Unfortunately […]

2005 03 soc english

Those are the candid words of Anne Perraut Solivieres a night nurse. Witness to a gap between the idealized image of the work of a nurse and the reality in the modern hospital of today, she sought to do some research in order to better understand her situation. Disappointed by the quality of the […]

2005 02 soc english

The debate rages in France after a 28 year old teacher was fined 4000 euros and given a suspended prison sentence of two months for sharing his record collection, video games and films with the world’s web users thanks to the software “Peer to Peer”.

Some artists have welcomed the decision by […]

2005 01 soc english

We are in the famous truffle market of Richerenches. The people are behaving rather like we are talking of a secret market for arms or drugs. It is especially a market for professionals; the negotiations between buyers and sellers take place before car boots (trunks) hidden from discrete glances and if you try to […]

2004 12 soc english

Ah well, for the young executives among you there is a good solution: buy yourself a business. Almost everywhere in France, there are companies for which the managers are looking for buyers. And you mustn’t think that the fact that a business is for sale is necessarily a sign of poor economic health.


2004 09 soc english

And no one wants that more than the members of the Renault team. They believe in victory… manly because they must believe in it. The driver Frank Montagny:

It is a barrier which can be crossed without any problem but you have to do some work, right, we cannot cross it right […]

2004 08 soc english

In our time, we are considered as sort of foot-soldiers historians, in contrast to the big names or well known historians who talk about Napoleon and all his marshals. In the end, we are making fun of Napoleon; we are making fun of his marshals, even though he is our boss – but we […]

2004 07 soc english

Now there they are, they are going into the water, look the leaders, already in the water, already in the water. Ah, I can tell you that they went off at full speed. Oh they are going quickly, Michel, they are going quickly!

The island of Noirmoutier in the west of France […]

2004 06 soc english

And in La Croix Rousse in Lyon, the atmosphere is even warmer thanks to Gerald Rigaud, the town crier.

I am not a bohemian, to write to you this poem But it remains to me to tell you that I love you.

For two months now at 11 o’clock exactly […]

2004 05 soc english

For us the first of May is already profoundly significant and we will put our heart into as long as we can.

We are here today against the privatisation of EDF-GDF.

I come every year. I am 76 years old. I became an activist when I was 24 years old. […]